Interior painting is as much an art as it is a skill. Whether you are white boxing a project, dryfalling a deck, or adding detailed artwork, Inline Painting has a team of skilled painters to ensure your interior design is applied exactly to specifications and to your satisfaction.


Whether fiber cement, exposed steel, masonry, or any other exterior substrate, Inline Painting has the product knowledge to assist in choosing the right material to apply to the exterior of your project with a trusted track record to ensure it is properly applied and produces the desired look and result.

Vinyl Wall Covering

Application of various types of wall covering is an art all to itself. When properly applied, vinyl can be a perfect covering to add stylish design and functionality to your project. Inline Painting has skilled and knowledgeable applicators with decades of experience applying a wide variety of coverings.

Drywall & Surface Prep

Surface preparation is the essential first stage treatment of a substrate before the application of any coating, lining, or painting is applied. The proper installation of drywall and/or preparation of the substrate is vital to the ultimate appearance of a project. Inline Painting has the knowledge and skill to tackle any of your surface preparation projects.

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